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Phd Positions

We are looking for highly motivated and self driven candidates for PhD and or MTech research positions.


Since the work involves theoretical analysis, numerical simulations and experimental design and development of laser systems and their applications, strong background knowledge in Signals and Systems, Random processes, Electromagnetic theory, and any prior exposure (through internships or projects)  to optics and laser labs are desirable (not mandatory). 


Students will get in depth knowledge and skills in Fiber lasers and  Nonlinear fiber optics modelling and experimental design and development of these systems to establish a career as a scientist within fiber lasers systems and their applications.


Interested candidates should apply through IISc's regular PhD admission program.


Check here for eligibility criteria and admission process.

Post Doctral Positions

We are looking for highly motivated, self driven and skilled candidates for Postdoctoral Research positions in the areas of

  1. Low noise rare-earth doped fiber lasers

  2. Low noise tunable Fiber lasers for Quantum applications,

  3. Low noise supercontinuum sources for imaging applications and

  4. Nonlinearity optimized high coherence class Fiber lasers and frequency combs for directed energy and communications applications

The work involves both design, analysis through numerical simulations and experimental development of these systems. Strong background in theoretical and numerical analysis of laser systems, nonlinear fiber optics and experimental skills in laser development are desirable.


Interested Candidates should send an

  1. Email along with their detailed CV to the PI,

  2. Should apply for CV Raman/IoE IISc Postdoctoral Fellowship or NPDF or any other competitive fellowships

Project Staff

No positions available now. Please check our website regularly for any updates.

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