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Lasers: Principles


Course Code: E7 222; Credits: 3:0. Academic Session: August


Course Description: Lasers are present in many day-to-day aspects of modern life. In this course we will study the fundamental principles of operation, design and control of lasers and apply them to understand practical laser system designs and their applications.



  1. Lasers: A. E. Siegmann (latest Edition)   

  2. Laser Electronics: Joseph T. Verdeyen (latest Edition)

  3. Principles of Lasers: Orazio Svelto (latest Edition)

  4. Research papers


Topic covered 

  1. Review of Electromagnetic theory

  2. Gaussian Beams      

  3. Optical Cavities  

  4. Atomic radiation  

  5. Laser Oscillation and Amplification 

  6. Laser characteristics   

  7. Laser Excitation 

  8. Semiconductor Lasers  

  9. Spectroscopy of common lasers

  10. Detection of optical radiation

Fourier Optics


Course Code: E7 223; Credits: 3:0; Academic Session: January


Course Description: In this course, we will study the Fourier analysis and its applications in optics. Specifically, we will study its applications in diffraction problems, beam propagation and transfer function engineering of imaging systems containing lenses, apertures and holography systems.



  1. Introduction to Fourier Optics: Joseph Goodman (Latest Edition)

  2. Research papers


Topics covered 

   1. Analysis of two-dimensional signals and systems

   2. Foundations of Scalar Diffraction Theory

   3. Fresnel and Fraunhofer Diffraction

   4. Wave-Optics Analysis of Coherent Optical systems

   5. Frequency Analysis of Optical Imaging Systems

   6. Point-Spread Function and Transfer Function Engineering

   7. Wavefront Modulation

   8. Holography

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